Spanish 135: The Anthropocene in Contemporary Spanish Literature and Film

MTuWTh 12-2pm, | Instructor: BERNER | CCN: 14062

Units: 4

Offered in Session D: July 5 – August 12

How does art respond to climate crisis? What role should film and literature have in understanding the relationship between humans and the environment? Seeking to answer these questions, this course will explore the relations between contemporary Spanish literature and film and the Anthropocene, a proposed name for the current geological epoch in which humans have had a significant impact on the Earth. The course will study a wide range of works produced in the last thirty years in Spain – from print and digital literature, to experimental and popular film –, engaging with these issues from a global perspective while likewise emphasizing the social and historical specificities in which these works are produced. Methodologically, the course is primarily informed by environmental criticism, but will also explore larger questions regarding the role of art and aesthetics in the world today.