Spanish 4: Intermediate Spanish – 4th Semester

MTWTF 9-11am, Online | Instructor: TBA | CCN: 13647

Units: 5

The primary goal of Spanish 4 is the development of written and oral skills beyond the level attained in Spanish 3 so as to fully prepare you for the requirements of the higher-level Spanish courses. Advanced intermediate Spanish aims to develop your ability to read critically and deepen your formal knowledge of the language. We will read literary and non-literary prose, as well as some poetry. This course will enable you to express yourself both orally and in writing at a more sophisticated level. Although grammar topics are included in the syllabus, grammar is not taught explicitly in the classroom. Students are expected to study the grammar topics assigned by the instructor and come prepared to apply what they have studied in class, as class time will be used primarily for oral communication practice. Spanish will be spoken 100% of the time.

Spanish 4 is appropriate for students with an AP score of 4.  This course is not open to students that learned or speak Spanish with family.

* This class requires at least 20 hours of preparation including in-class time. If you do not have enough time to devote to this class, plan to take it at another time.