Spanish 32: Magical Realism and Beyond: Latin American Literature in English

MWF 1-2PM, Social Sciences Building 20 | Instructor: McEnaney | CCN: 32334

Units: 3

When Gabriel García Márquez published his monumental novel 100 Years of Solitude in 1967 he transformed not only the history of Latin American literature, but the history of literature and culture throughout the world. But then what happened? Beginning with Márquez’s novel, and what Cuban author Alejo Carpentier called “the marvelous real” (lo real maravilloso), this course in English will explore how Latin American fiction of the last fifty years has adapted, rejected, or otherwise reimagined magical realism to invent new ways to narrate and respond to the world’s changing realities. While our present world might seem more nightmarish than magical, the novels in this class will provide us with the resources to imagine reality otherwise.