Portuguese 103: Advanced Grammar and Composition

MWF 12-1 P, Dwinelle 283 | Instructor: Donovan | CCN: 22698

Units: 4

Suitable for native speakers of Portuguese

In this course, students will examine and produce a draft and final version of four types of text: crônica brasileira, short story, book (or other work of art) review, and argumentative essay. Each day, students will dedicate ten to fifteen minutes of class time to performing writing exercises that introduce them to new vocabulary, focus on certain grammatical structures and stress differences in tone and register. Also, students will compile a writing portfolio, which, in addition to the daily writing assignments, drafts and final versions of the texts, will include peer editing exercises and reflections on various aspects of the writing process. At the end of the semester, students will practice translating texts from English to Portuguese.