Spanish 112: Studies in Spanish Culture

T Th 12:30-2 P, Dwinelle 243 | Instructor: Navarrete | CCN: 31192

Units: 4

This class examines the evolution of Spanish culture, with an emphasis on the rise of liberalism and the emergence of modern Spain in the 19th-20th centuries. We will pay particular attention to the history of regionalism, and how it culminates in the Catalan separatist movement today. Other questions include the successes and failures of the European Union, the continuing debate over Church and State, the role of immigration in contemporary Spain, and the impact of the digital revolution in Spain. We will consider political affairs, artistic expressions (paintings, architecture, novels, films), and also aspects of everyday life. Students will present weekly 1-page reports, as well as take 2 midterm exams and a final.