Critical Interventions on Latin/o American Art: Beatriz Balantas / Natalia Brizuela / Claire Fox / Esther Gabara / Adriana Johnson / Suzanne Li Puma / China Medel / Adele Nelson / Fernando Rosenberg / Roberto Tejada / Alejandra Uslenghi

Friday, September 25th

9:00-10:30am – Sensitive Matter
-Adele Nelson (Temple University): There is No Repetition: Hélio Oiticica’s Early Practice
-Suzanne Li Puma (UC Berkeley): Mistranslating with Mira Schendel

10:45am-12:15pm – Poetics in/on/and Methods
-Esther Gabara (Duke University): The Gesture of Non-Literary Fiction
-Roberto Tejada (University of Houston): Oppen in/and Mexico: a Speculative Piece

12:15-1:45pm – LUNCH

2:00-3:30pm – Modern and Contemporary
-Alejandra Uslenghi (Northwestern University): Learning to See: Victoria Ocampo at An American Place
-Natalia Brizuela (UC Berkeley): Undone

3:45-6:00pm – Art/Politics
-China Medel (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill): Not1More/Ni1Más: Movement and the Politics of Recognition
-Fernando Rosenberg (Brandeis University): Art and Reparation in Colombia
-Adriana Johnson (UC Irvine): Sound, Image and Questions of Scarcity

Saturday, September 26th

10:30am-12:00pm – The Politics of Culture
-Claire Fox (U of Iowa): On the Conceptual Turn in Cultural Policy
-Beatriz Balantas (SMU): Assthetics or the Carnality of the Brazilian State